Submitting a complaint or enquiry

To make an enquiry or complaint, you must first contact the service station directly, using the channels provided and indicated for this purpose.

If you do not receive a response or are not satisfied with the response you receive, you can submit your complaint or enquiry via the Electronic Complaints Book.

ENSE, E.P.E. - the National Entity for the Energy Sector responds to all enquiries and follows up on all complaints received through this channel.

The physical Complaints Book is still compulsory in all establishments that provide customer support services. Complaints submitted in this way are also sent (original sheet) to ENSE, E.P.E.

Copies of all complaints entered in the Complaints Book (electronic and paper versions), must be sent to ENSE, E.P.E. within 15 working days. If the matter does not fall within its specific competence, ENSE, E.P.E. will forward the complaint to ERSE, which will deal with it.

To facilitate the interaction of economic agents and consumers with institutions, ERSE and ENSE, E.P.E. signed a protocol on the articulation of powers.