Problems with your natural gas supplier’s customer service

Is your supplier required to meet you in person? What about by phone?

All natural gas suppliers are required to provide telephone customer services and to respond in writing to consumer information requests and complaints.

Face-to-face service in a shop or at your supplier’s agent is only compulsory for suppliers of last resort.

See the misleading Practices Alert on energy customer service.


When am I entitled to compensation?

Your contract should include information on the compensation you are entitled to if the supplier or distribution system operator does not comply with certain commercial quality of service rules (does not respond to complaints, no one turns up to check the fault, etc.).

See the main examples:

  • Responding to complaints

The supplier must respond to your complaint within 15 working days. If the supplier fails to do this, you are entitled to compensation. The minimum compensation is EUR 5, but the contract may stipulate a higher amount. This compensation is paid through invoice itself.

  • Scheduled appointments

If the distribution system operator does not visit the site on the date or at the time agreed in advance, the amount of compensation is EUR 20. This compensation is paid through your supplier’s invoice.

However, if the consumer is not at home on the agreed date and time, the supplier will also charge you the EUR 20 on your invoice.

Find out more about scheduled appointments

      • Delay in restoring supply after cut-off

In the event of a cut-off due to non-payment, the distribution system operator must restore supply within 12 hours of payment of the invoice. This period does not include the time between 00:00 and 08:00.

If the supply is not restored within the time limit, you are entitled to compensation of EUR 20. This compensation is paid via your supplier’s invoice.