Connecting to the electricity grid

Do you need to ask for a grid connection?

If you have moved house, check first whether you are already connected to the grid, i.e. whether the site already has the connection elements (cables, poles, space for the meter). If you are already connected, see the information on Contracting / Switching supplier.


Who do you ask to for a grid connection?

If you don't have a grid connection, contact the distribution system operator and ask for a quote to connect to the grid.

But first, your home’s electrical installation must be prepared (certified) to receive electricity. Check the information on the website of the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG).


Who makes the connection?

The connection elements can be constructed by the distribution system operator or by the person requesting the connection to the grid.

In fact, the grid operator is not required to make the connection if it is only a matter of constructing elements for the exclusive connection to the consumer’s home. However, it must do so if the consumer cannot obtain an offer from another company for the construction of the exclusive connection.


What are the connection costs?

The costs of connection to the grid are those incurred in:

  • the construction of the elements required for the exclusive connection (carried out directly by the consumer or by the grid operator)
  • The construction of connection elements that are shared with other consumers (carried out by the grid operator).
  • The connection service itself
  • The grid reinforcement , if necessary (cost sharing).


What is the Point of Delivery Code (PDC/CPE)?

It is a unique code that identifies the electrical installation in your home. It consists of 20 digits and starts with the letters “PT”. The PDC/CPE is assigned by the distribution system operator and can be found on your contract and electricity invoice. The PDC is always the same, regardless of your supplier.