PPEC - 7th Edition

The Energy Consumption Efficiency Promotion Plan (PPEC) is an instrument for supporting and developing energy efficiency projects, conceived within the scope of economic regulation and which the law has accepted and enshrined as a public policy measure, with the aim of promoting efficiency in the consumption of electricity and natural gas.

The 7th edition of the PPEC main changes are its extension to natural gas, promoting energy efficiency in the electricity and gas sectors, and new strategies to ensure greater execution of the plan's budget, specifically through the overbooking mechanism.

The PPEC maintains its competitive nature. In other words, it is a competition that selects the winning measures on the basis of the level of savings it aims to achieve and the fulfilment of priority energy efficiency objectives. In addition, it maintains the requirement to measure the savings achieved, making payments according to what is actually verified.

The 7th edition of PPEC approved 48 measures to be implemented by 31 promoters, with a total investment in energy efficiency of 23 million euros, of which 15.1 million euros will be financed by PPEC.

Find out more about the measures being implemented at https://www.erse.pt/atividade/eficiencia-energetica/medidas-em-implementacao

PPEC - Previous Editions

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