Supplier switching


Consumers have the right to switch suppliers, with no associated charges or maximum number of switches established.

The choice of a new electricity or natural gas supplier should follow three key steps:


Consult the list of retail suppliers of electricity and natural gas and contact to obtain supply proposals, or consult to the list of commercial offers provided by ERSE.

Compare the commercial offers and decide which is the most advantageous according to the criteria you considered (prices, billing frequency, payment terms, commercial quality, services offered, general and particular contract conditions, duration and contract termination conditions, loyalty clauses and associated penalty, etc.) and the conditions offered by the merchant.

To compare all commercial offers available to consumers of electricity (Standard Low Voltage) and natural gas (Low Pressure) in mainland Portugal, consult the price simulator provided by ERSE.

Sign a contract with a new supplier. The new supplier will take care of all necessary procedures for the switch, including contract termination with the previous supplier.

The management of the switching process is done by ADENE - Agência para Energia, as the switching operator, while ERSE approves the switching procedures and deadlines.