Regulated electricity tariff

The regulated tariff is the energy price set annually by ERSE and applied to customers still in the regulated electricity market.

At present, the regulated tariff is expected to be in force until the end of 2025 and is reviewed annually by ERSE.

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Law No 105/2017, of 30 August, allowed customers to opt for a pricing regime similar to the regulated market tariff, regardless of whether they are already in the free market, thus benefiting from the prices set by ERSE. The procedure for applying the equivalent regime was established by Administrative Rule No 348/2017 of 14 November.


Who can switch to the regulated electricity tariff?

Currently, standard low-voltage electricity customers (contracted power up to 41.4 kVA) can opt for the regime corresponding to the regulated tariff.


How do I know if the regulated tariff is the best option?

You can always run a simulation on the ERSE website to find out which offer is the most competitive for you.

However, the market supplier’s invoice also includes information on the difference between the amount shown for payment and the amount the customer would pay if they had signed up to the tariff equivalent to the regulated market tariff. This way you can see if you are paying more than if you had a regulated tariff.


How do I switch to the regulated tariff?

Suppliers on the free market must disclose whether or not they offer the equivalent scheme to the regulated market tariff. Customers wishing to switch to the equivalent tariff should ask their supplier whether this option is possible. The answer must be given within ten working days and, if it is negative, it must be given in writing so that the customer can, if they wish, sign a contract with the supplier of last resort.


If I am in a loyalty period, do I have to pay for early termination?

In situations where the supply contract ends due to the conclusion of a new contract with the supplier of last resort, and only in these cases (non-availability of regulated price conditions/equivalent tariff), the customer does not bear any costs or possible penalties for non-compliance with loyalty periods.

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