What is part of the price?

Prices are free and must respect the principles of transparency and equal treatment.

The CEME must publish the prices it charges on its website or through other means of communication that guarantee access to price information under conditions of equal accessibility.

The costs charged by CEME are made up of two main components:

  • CEME’s service, which includes the cost of energy, the tariffs for access to the electricity network and the tariffs of the managing body (EGME).
  • Charging point operation service defined for each point by the relevant OPC. At present, charging point operators have chosen to charge for the use of points using the following pricing structure: 
    • Fixed cost per charge (activation fee)
    • Cost per unit of time (minutes)
    • Cost per unit of energy (kWh).

The final price may include one, two or three of these components. Legal fees and any additional services are added to these components.