Energy consumer advice bureau

It falls to ERSE to protect the rights and interests of consumers, in particular of economically vulnerable end customers, with regard to prices, the way how services are provided and the quality thereof, promoting information, clarification and training.

The Energy Consumers area provides all the necessary information to allow consumers to make informed choices, informational and educational material presented in a plain language, access to the Electronic Complaints Book, and also to Gia, the virtual assistant that answers directly to the most frequent doubts of consumers and directs them to additional information, whenever possible.


ERSE has a dedicated functional unit - Energy Consumer Advice Bureau (ACE) - , which is responsible for:

  • providing information to energy consumers and clarifying their doubts
  • promoting and organising training activities for consumer protection bodies and consumer dispute arbitration centres
  • handling complaints from energy consumers, making recommendations in view to settle disputes with energy suppliers or distributors

An ACE Newsletter is published on a quarterly basis, providing information on the results of ERSE’s activity in handling complaints and enquiries received.