ERSE issues a set of publications aimed at ensuring greater transparency in its action and access to information by citizens in general, encouraging knowledge and the active participation of society in the regulation of the energy sector and enhancing public participation in regulatory decision-making.

ERSE’s acts and documents (e.g. opinions, reports and others) are available through the library.

On the other hand, the educational and/or informational material can be found on ERSEFORMA, Multimedia  or the Youtube channel.

In this space, users who are more qualified or interested in regulatory and energy matters can find a database of ERSE’s institutional publications, designed to be useful tools for consultation or study.

Moreover, with a view to sharing knowledge and fostering discussion on subjects of interest to energy regulation, you can also find here individual or collective works and articles, both of an opinion or of a technical-scientific nature, which merely express the position of their authors, in a wide range of areas such as energy, regulation, economics, engineering, competition and law.