The Regulation on the Supervision of the National Petroleum System (Regulamento de Supervisão do Sistema Petrolífero Nacional - RSSPN), which brings into operation the powers conferred to ERSE under Law No 69-A/2021, of 21 October, establishes a supervision methodology based on the principle of transparency and compatibility with a competitive market, diversity of offers and consumer protection, promoting efficiency and safeguarding the economic and financial balance of operators.

Transparency in ERSE’s supervision activity brings predictability to markets and, above all, allows for discussion on the models for the setting of prices, cost benchmarks, ‘trade margins’, as well as the gathering of stakeholders’ views on the supervision methodology and parameters that apply to it.

The RSSPN sets out:

  • the models for setting prices and cost benchmarks for the various activities in the value chain of simple road fuels and bottled liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), as well as the respective underlying trade margins;
  • the supervision methodology and the list of parameters applied to such models;
  • information reporting obligations on SPN’s stakeholders;
  • the relevant information on the sector’s operation that ERSE is required to publish, without compromising the confidentiality of commercially sensitive information.

ERSE carried out Public Consultation No 106 and approved Regulation No 1184/2022, of 21 December.

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