Natural gas

The liberalization of the natural gas market began in 2007, and, as of January 2010, all consumers (domestic and non-domestic) have the right to choose their natural gas supplier.

In 2007, the process of termination of regulated end user tariffs for natural gas began and transitional end user tariffs started to apply. This termination process had the following schedule:

  • July 2010: consumers with an annual consumption of natural gas greater than10 000 m3
  • July 2013: consumers with an annual consumption of natural gas greater than 500 m3 and lower than 10 000 m3
  • January 2013: consumers with an annual consumption of natural gas below, or equal to 500 m3

Suppliers of last resort (SLR) started applying the transitional end user tariffs to natural gas consumers who are still being supplied on a regulated market basis and have not chosen a new supplier. These tariffs are expected to apply until 31 December 2025, when the transitional period ends (Administrative Rule No 83/2020, of 1 April).

Economically vulnerable customers maintain access to the regulated end customer tariff and to applicable social discounts.

Retail market

As part of the activity of following up and monitoring the retail natural gas market, ERSE collects information on natural gas prices (Order No 3677/2011, of 24 February), namely:

  • Prices of commercial offers (reference prices), made available by the various suppliers
  • Invoiced prices, which are sent to ERSE every quarter by all suppliers in the natural gas market (free suppliers and regulated suppliers)

The prices of commercial offers are disclosed by ERSE through the Commercial Offers Newsletters and the energy price simulator, which help consumers choose their supplier.

ERSE publishes the Liberalised Market Newsletter on the liberalised market, which includes various matters, namely those relating to the evolution of the liberalised market, market shares, the intensity of supplier switching, the structure of switching or market concentration.

ERSE publishes an annual report  with an analysis of the electricity and natural gas retail markets in Portugal, including detailed information from an annual perspective and considering the medium and long-term evolution.


Gas price stabilisation scheme

Decree-Law No 84-D/2022, of 9 December, approved the establishment of the transitional regime for stabilisation of gas prices for legal persons with a consumption greater than 10 000 m3, to be applied in 2023 and which will be implemented “(...) by means of a discount on the price of natural gas, corresponding to the difference between the price of the energy component, stated on the invoice, and its reference value, as provided for in article 3 (...)” of the referred Decree-Law.

Article 3 of this law thus establishes the calculation of the discount to be applied to eligible supplies, entrusting ERSE (in paragraph 7 of that article) with the responsibility of disclosing “(...) the value resulting from the formula provided for in paragraph 1 [of the same article], on a daily basis and with an update that ensures a delay of no more than two working days, on its website”.

ERSE discloses on this page the information provided for in Decree-Law No 84-D/2022, of 9 December, in an Excel file available for download. You may find this information here.