About ERSE


ERSE's (Energy Services Regulatory Authority) purpose is to regulate, throughout the national territory, the electricity, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in all categories, petroleum-derived fuels and biofuels sectors, and the management of the electric mobility network operations.  



ERSE is a legal person governed by public law, endowed with administrative and financial autonomy, management autonomy, organisational, operational and technical independence, as well as its own assets.

It has the nature of an independent administrative body.


Legal framework

ERSE is governed by the  framework-law of regulatory authorities, sector-specific legislation, its Statutes, its rules of procedure, and additionally, as far as its financial and asset management is concerned, by the legal system that applies to corporate public bodies.



ERSE enjoys organisational, functional and technical independence and is not subject to government oversight.


Responsibilities, tasks and powers

ERSE's tasks are provided for in its Statutes.

In order to performing its tasks, ERSE’s competences are of an implementing, regulatory and supervisory, advisory, sanctioning and arbitrating nature.