Social tariffs

The “Solidarity Cylinder” programme is a project aimed at supporting domestic consumers in purchasing bottled liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). It is directed towards beneficiaries of the social electricity tariff or those receiving minimum social benefits, as a measure to combat energy poverty.

The financial support provided is €10 per gas bottle – after the purchase of the bottle – with a limit of one bottle per month, per beneficiary. The objective is to alleviate the cost of bottled gas for economically vulnerable families.

Domestic consumers with an electricity contract, who have at least one member of the household benefiting from one of the following minimum social benefits, are eligible for this support:

  • Solidarity supplement for the elderly
  • Social insertion income
  • Social disability pension
  • Inclusion social benefit supplement
  • Social old-age pension or social unemployment benefit

The practical implementation of the solidarity tariff is authorised by Ordinance no. 484/2024/2, of 15 April, which delegates to the Environmental Fund the responsibility of distributing the operational costs of the support for the acquisition of bottled LPG for the period 2022-2025.

The support is managed by the Environmental Fund in collaboration with the National Association of Parishes (ANAFRE), which coordinates with the parishes where the support is paid to the beneficiaries.

Any beneficiary eligible for the Solidarity Cylinder should go to their local parish council, provided that it is participating in the programme.

Click here to see the list of parish councils participating in the Solidarity Cylinder programme.