ERSE releases Commercial Quality of Service Report for 2022


ERSE - the Energy Services Regulatory Authority - has published the Commercial Quality of Service Report for 2022, which shows the level of performance of distribution system operators and suppliers in delivering services to customers, as well as the enforcement of the rules set out in the Quality of Service Regulation (RQS).

One of the issues analysed in this document is on-site customer service, the indicators for which performed well in 2022 when applied on a global basis to distribution system operators and retailers. Most customer services in the monitored centres have a waiting time of up to 20 minutes. In terms of commercial telephone service, a significant number of companies failed to meet the standard set out in the RQS.

Also noteworthy is the proportion of complaints dealt with on time by suppliers, around 89%, with an average response time of around 8.2 working days. For distribution system operators, 97% responded within the regulatory timeframe, with an average response time of 6.7 days. The RQS sets a maximum response time of 15 working days in both cases, or a shorter time if specified in the contract with the supplier.
For scheduled appointments, 96% were completed within the agreed timeframe, with 8% cancelled or rescheduled.

In terms of customers with special needs, visual impairment accounted for the largest proportion of this group of customers, and suppliers and distribution system operators must ensure that the commercial relationship is not affected by the customer’s impairment.

With the aim of promoting energy literacy among consumers and improving their access to the information produced by ERSE, the ERSExplica booklet - Commercial Quality of Service 2022 - has also been published, summarising the main indicators in this area.

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