ERSE launches public consultation on the revision of the terms and conditions of the contracts for the use of gas infrastructures


ERSE - Energy Services Regulatory Authority is launching today a public consultation on the review of the Terms and Conditions of the Contracts for the Use of Gas Infrastructures, adapting them to the new legal regime of the National Gas System (SNG), but also to the regulatory and legal changes registered in the meantime.

As a result of the adaptation to the new legal framework of the SNG, one of the innovative aspects of this proposal includes in the terms and conditions of the contracts the recognition of the role of the producer of renewable or low carbon gases and the injection of these gases into the transmission and distribution networks.

The contracts for the use of the infrastructures have to be signed by the market agents and must include the conditions related to the use of the infrastructures, which are approved by ERSE, after the public consultation process now underway.

Contributions on the Public Consultation may be sent to ERSE until 1 September 2022.

Access Public Consultation no. 110