ERSE launches interactive tool on the use of Gas Sector Infrastructures


ERSE – the Energy Services Regulatory Authority - has launched a new tool to foster knowledge about the structure and functioning of the gas sector in Portugal, thus contributing to the enhancement of energy literacy.

This dashboard on the Use of Gas Sector Infrastructures, which covers data for the period 2015 to 2022, made it possible to bring together on the same platform a set of statistical information that, until now, was scattered.

It is thus possible to obtain information on the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal, in Sines, namely the main origins of the gas, the volume and number of methane carriers arriving at the terminal, as well as the status of the Underground Gas Storage in Leiria, namely the volume of the stock, its injection and extraction.

This tool also outlines the Virtual Interconnection Point, which consists of the union of the two relevant physical points on the Portugal-Spain border, namely the Campo Maior-Badajoz point and the Valença do Minho-Tuy point, and serves the commercial purpose of offering, allocating and assigning gas capacities.

The list of features also includes the characterisation and level of use of the National Gas Transmission Network.

Click here to view the dashboard on the Use of Gas Sector Infrastructures