Court fully confirms conviction of Lisboagás by ERSE


In administrative offence file No 28/2019, the Board of Directors of ERSE, by decision dated 30 April 2021, found Lisboagás GDL - Sociedade Distribuidora de Gás Natural de Lisboa, S.A. (Lisboagás) liable to a lump sum fine of EUR 5000 (five thousand Euros) for failing, in the course of its activities as a distribution system operator, to (i) not interrupt the supply of natural gas except in the cases provided for or exempted by law and (ii) carry out the annual assessment of the adequacy of the consumption class of the natural gas installation 12 months after the date of the last assessment. Lisboagás has carried out an annual assessment of the adequacy of the customer’s consumption class too late (13 months after the date of the last assessment and disregarding the consumption values used to calculate the class).

The fine was determined on the basis that Lisboagás had no previous record of administrative offences, that it cooperated effectively in the proceedings, that it did not obtain any material or non-material benefit from the commission of the administrative offences and that it took steps to remedy and prevent the damage caused, including the payment of compensation to the consumer whose supply was unduly interrupted.

The Competition, Regulation and Supervision Court, which heard the appeal, decided on 3 May 2022 not to uphold the appeal and to sentence Lisboagás to pay a single fine of EUR 5000 (five thousand Euro) and the costs of the proceedings, fully confirming ERSE’s decision.

This Court decision became final and unappealable, making Lisboagás’ conviction definitive.

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