SU Electricity must inform timely about the end of the transitional tariffs for customers in Medium Voltage (MT)


The Decree no. 83/2020, of 1 April, altered the deadlines for the extinction of transitory tariffs and established that the obligation to supply electricity by last resort suppliers, currently supplied by SU Eletricidade, to final customers with medium voltage (MV) consumption who have not contracted on the free market, is in force until 31 December 2021.

ERSE considers that conditions must be promoted so that the process of choosing, until the end of 2021, a new supplier in the free market, by some MV clients still covered by the transitory tariff of the suppliers of last resort (SLR), is done in a progressive and enlightened manner.

The Instruction no. 6/2021 sets out the terms under which SU Electricidade must carry out this process of specific information to these customers by the SLR.

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Know the deadlines for the extinction of the transitory tariffs of Order no. 83/2020, of 1 April.