RELOP holds the first session of the II Cycle of Debates 2021 on the impact of climate change on the energy sector


The Association of Portuguese Speaking Energy Regulatory Entities (RELOP) held, on October 21st 2021, the first session of the II Cycle of Debates of RELOP 2021, under the theme "The impact of climate change in the energy sector".

This first session, of a set of three, was dedicated to the theme "COP26 and progress towards the Paris Agreement", and was moderated by Raquel Naili, of RELOP's Board of Directors and a member of ANEEL (National Agency of Electric Energy, Brazil), with the participation of Adérito Santana (Assistant Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program - UNDP, São Tomé and Príncipe) and Francisco Ferreira (President of ZERO Association – Sustainable Terrestrial System Association, Portugal).

The panel presentations focused on the priority areas of the COP26 Presidency and the actions for the empowerment of climate issues; the need for financing and transfer of technology and knowledge between all countries signatories to the Paris Agreement; the emergence of the climate crisis as a result of human activity; and the importance of climate change mitigation and adaptation of communities to it.

During the debate period it became clear the need to move from speeches to actions, and the speakers demonstrated that the mobilization of funding is crucial, along with the establishment of even more ambitious targets to keep the global increase in the planet's temperature below 1.5ºC. They also stressed the need to include all states in the fight against climate change and the role of capacity building, training and knowledge sharing to accelerate the energy transition.

Finally, the role of the consumer to enhance the paradigm shift was addressed. Both speakers agreed that citizens can and should exert pressure on their governments (central and local) to adopt measures and solutions, not only necessary for the welfare of the population, but also for the sustainability of the planet.

The next session of the II Cycle of Debates of RELOP 2021 will focus on the theme "Impact of Climate Change on the Hydrocarbon Sector" and will take place on October 28th at 3pm Portuguese time. The last session is scheduled for November 4th.

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