Pedro Verdelho re-elected Vice-President of CEER


The Chairman of ERSE – the Energy Services Regulatory Authority -, Pedro Verdelho, was re-elected on October 25 for a further two and a half year term as Vice-President of the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER), an institution that brings together Europe’s  energy regulators. Pedro Verdelho also currently chairs CEER’s Gas Working Group and the European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER).

The CEER General Assembly appointed a total of five Vice-Presidents, including two other current CEER Vice-Presidents: Koen Locquet (CREG, Belgium) and Wolfgang Urbantschitsch (E-Control, Austria).

There are also two new members on the CEER Board: Jana Haasová (ERÚ, Czech Republic) and Alda Ozola (PUC, Latvia).

The five Vice-Presidents, together with the CEER President, Annegret Groebel, form the CEER Board of Directors and are responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation.

CEER – the Council of European Energy Regulators is a Belgian non-profit organisation, established in 2000, which brings together regulators from 39 European countries, and which aims to:

  • Develop the energy market for the benefit of consumers
  • Act as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience between regulators
  • Promote solutions to problems that are common to all countries involved and which require coordinated action
  • Publicise and uphold the energy regulators’ vision before several European stakeholders in the sector

The mandate of the newly elected Board will start on 12 November this year and will end on 11 May, 2025.