ERSE works with GNR to provide information to older people in the “Senior Census” operation


ERSE - the Energy Services Regulatory Authority - held an online training session on 28 September as part of the cooperation protocol signed with GNR - Guarda Nacional Republicana (National Republican Guard), which brought together around 100 military personnel from 85 crime prevention and community policing sections involved in the “Senior Census” operation.

GNR’s “Senior Census” operation will take place during the month of October throughout the national territory and will target a range of more than 44 thousand identified elderly people. ERSE will join this community policing operation by distributing a leaflet with warnings on aspects of electricity and gas contracts for this specific target group.

The aim of the training was to provide GNR staff with technical knowledge about the energy sector, in particular on issues of greater relevance to the elderly, such as unfair commercial practices, distance and door-to-door selling, or fraud attempts. It also explained the difference between the regulated market and the liberalised market and the possibility of switching to the regulated market, with prices set by ERSE, for both electricity and natural gas.

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