ERSE takes over the chairmanship of the Board of Regulators of Mibel


ERSE - Energy Services Regulatory Authority will take over the presidency of the Board of Regulators of the Iberian Electricity Market (MIBEL) from 1 January 2024.

The Board of Regulators of MIBEL (CR MIBEL) carries out its activities through a Committee of Presidents, made up of the presidents of each of the authorities involved, and a Technical Committee, made up of representatives of the same authorities. The presidency rotates among its members and lasts for one year.

The powers of the Board of Regulators of MIBEL are laid down in the International Agreement on the Establishment of an Iberian Electricity Market between the Kingdom of Spain and the Portuguese Republic, signed in Santiago de Compostela on 1 October 2004 and subsequently amended in Braga on 18 January 2008. The agreement provides for coordinated action by its members in the regulation, operation and supervision of the Iberian electricity market.

The Committee of Presidents recently discussed the work plan of the MIBEL Board of Regulators for 2024. The plan presented follows the three main lines of action that guide the activity of the MIBEL Board of Regulators: opening up MIBEL and its Board of Regulators to civil society, developing studies to deepen the functioning of MIBEL and continuing the regular activities to monitor and supervise MIBEL.