ERSE submits the draft update of the PDIRD-E 2020 to public consultation


ERSE - the Energy Services Regulatory Authority - has submitted today for public consultation the draft update of the National Electricity Distribution Grid Development and Investment Plan for the period 2021-2025 (PDIRD-E 2020 - 2022 Update), prepared by the National Electricity Distribution System Operator (DSO).

Articles 129 and 130 of Decree-Law 15/2022 of 14 January, which govern the procedures for reviewing, amending and updating the PDIRD-E, require the DSO to update the approved PDIRD-E in even-numbered years by submitting a draft to the DGEG and ERSE. The current update proposal should only cover the same timeframe as the PDIRD-E 2020 (2021-2025), which was approved by the Secretary of State for the Environment and Energy on 29 June.

Thus, in the draft PDIRD-E 2020 update now submitted for public consultation, the DSO proposes to invest a total of EUR 549.8 million in the three-year period 2023-2025, reaching a total of  EUR 896.4 million in the five-year period 2021-2025.

In the light of the results of the public consultation, ERSE will issue a non-binding opinion, which may recommend changes to the proposal for updating PDIRD-E 2020 submitted by the DSO. The approval of the respective proposal falls to the member of the Government responsible for energy.

Stakeholders are invited to submit their comments by 28 September 2022.

Click here to view the documents of Public Consultation No 111.