ERSE publishes switching rules for the regulated natural gas market


ERSE - the Energy Services Regulatory Authority - publishes new rules for access to the regulated natural gas tariffs for domestic consumers and small businesses, in the scope of the approval of Decree-Law No 57-B/2022 of 6 September, which allows customers with an annual consumption of less than or equal to 10 000 m3 to return to the regulated natural gas tariff scheme.

This ERSExplica booklet aims to answer the most frequently asked questions from consumers about the process of switching their natural gas supplier of last resort, such as who can switch to the regulated natural gas market, what they should do to speed up the switching process, who they should contact, and a number of other issues to consider.

This document is part of ERSE’s objective to promote energy literacy and to strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of consumers, in particular the economically vulnerable, through information, clarification and training.

Click here to view the ERSExplica Booklet - How to switch to the regulated natural gas market?