ERSE publishes a public consultation on electricity self-consumption


ERSE – Energy Services Regulatory Authority presents today a proposal for a recast of the Electricity Self-consumption Code, to public consultation, which completes the self-consumption regime following the Decree-Law no. 162/2019, of 25 October.

ERSE approved the rules for implementing the new self-consumption regime through the Electricity Self-consumption Code (Regulation no. 266/2020, of 20 March). These rules were provisional and their development was pending further experience with the adoption of the new regime during 2020, as well as the additional features coming into force in 2021, already established by Decree-Law no. 162/2019.

Electricity self-consumption means the production of renewable electricity for own use, in the participants’ sites.

The recast proposal for the Electricity Self-consumption Code includes, for instance, the possibility of integrating energy storage systems and projects involving different voltage levels. Pilot projects are welcome to try variations to the approved rules. It was also included minor clarifications and improvements in the rules, born of the experience of implementing the current regime.

Contributions are welcome, by any stakeholder, until January 7th, 2021.

Access the public consultation documents in Consulta Pública n.º 93.