ERSE protocols with consumer arbitration centres


The cooperation protocols between ERSE - the Energy Services Regulatory Authority - and the Consumer Dispute Arbitration Centres (CACCs) make it possible to provide consumers with an important set of services in the area of information and resolution of consumer disputes in the energy sector.

Any domestic consumer can request the intervention of the relevant Consumer Dispute Arbitration Centres. In 2022, the CACCs dealt with around 1015 cases in the electricity and gas sectors.
CACCs are organisations that provide information to consumers and participate in the alternative resolution of consumer disputes in the electricity and gas sectors, with decisions equivalent to those of a court of first instance, through mediation, conciliation and arbitration.

As required by law, ERSE has established cooperation protocols with seven CACCs since 2019. ERSE’s cooperation with the CACCs goes back a long way and there are even earlier protocols, which underlines the important role they play in protecting consumer rights.

Within the framework of the above-mentioned protocols, ERSE provides technical assistance by clarifying doubts related to the regulated sectors. Every year, the ERSEForma programme organises several training sessions for CACCs with the aim of disseminating and clarifying issues related to ERSE’s regulations. In addition, ERSE provides financial support to the CACCs in accordance with the legislation in force, which amounted to approximately EUR 144,000 in 2023.

The work of the CACCs is important because of the proximity to consumers and the ease of access to justice for resolving consumer disputes. Disputes are resolved more quickly and (in the case of sectors regulated by ERSE) free of charge for consumers.

A tool available on the ERSE website allows electricity and gas consumers to find out which CACC they can contact to resolve consumer disputes with their electricity or gas supplier.
With the aim of informing consumers and the general public about the activities and initiatives of the CACCs, ERSE announces the publication of the first newsletter of the CIAB-Consumer Arbitration Court, which you can consult here.