ERSE launches public consultation on proposals for PDIRD-G 2022


ERSE - the Energy Services Regulatory Authority – announces that it has launched Public Consultation No 109, on the proposals for the five-year development and investment plans for gas distribution networks, 2023 to 2027 (PDIRD-G 2022).

PDIRD-G 2022 (2023-2027) proposals, which are now subject to public consultation, represent a total investment of EUR 468 million, between the Galp Gás Natural Distribuição Group (EUR 251 million), REN Portgás Distribuição (EUR 144 million) and Sonorgás (EUR 74 million).

The consultation documents are available on ERSE’s website, and contributions, including answers to questions, comments or suggestions, should be submitted to ERSE by 22 July 2022, to the email address

The public consultation framework document, now published, aims to encourage stakeholders to reflect on key aspects for the preparation of proposals for PDIRD-G 2022, thus helping ERSE to prepare a comprehensive and thorough opinion in its conclusions. In addition, the Directorate General for Energy and Geology can also benefit from the public consultation report published by ERSE and the contributions to the public consultation when preparing its opinion on the proposals for PDIRD-G 2022.