ERSE launches a public consultation to reformulate the Manual de Procedimentos da Gestão Global do Sistema


ERSE – Energy Services Regulatory Authority, launches today a public consultation regarding the reformulation of the Manual de Procedimentos da Gestão Global do Sistema (MPGGS),  a Manual of Procedures of the Global Management of the Electric Sector System.

The Manual establishes the provisions applicable to the operation of the Global System Management activity carried out by the transmission system operator, namely with regard to safety and operational criteria for the operation of the National Electricity System (SEN) and rules for the operation of balancing markets.

The proposed amendment put up for public consultation aims to apply Decision 18/2020, of 15 July, of ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators), which establishes, between the EU operators of the transmission systems, an imbalance settlement harmonisation for BRP (Balance Responsibility Parties),  in what concerns, for each Imbalance settlement period, the imbalance determination as well as imbalance price to be applied.

This revision of MPGGS also aims to change the billing frequency of the system management costs to market agents, going from monthly to weekly frequency, which allows at the same time to reduce the credit values and the corresponding systemic risk, and, on the other side, the warranty requirements to market participants

Contributions on the Public Consultation can be sent to ERSE until March 31, 2022.

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