ERSE hosts Webinar on “Economic regulation and its impact on consumers”


On 5 May, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., ERSE will host a Webinar, as part of the ERSEforma programme, on “Economic regulation and its impact on consumers”.

This Webinar aims to explain the need for regulation in the electricity and gas sector, ERSE’s role as an economic regulator and the impact of regulatory measures on consumers.

The Webinar will address, among other topics, the need for economic regulation of natural monopolies, the forms of economic regulation, the various regulated activities and the outcome of ERSE’s performance over the years.

The information session is aimed at external bodies active in the field of consumer protection and out-of-court settlement of disputes, such as Consumer Associations, Consumer Dispute Settlement Centres, Municipal Consumer Information Centres, but also at the general public.

The initiative is free of charge and takes place online, subject to prior registration.

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