ERSE holds first information session for Casa Pia de Lisboa staff


On 11 May, ERSE - the Energy Services Regulatory Authority – held the first information session on energy for the institution’s staff, as part of the Cooperation Protocol signed with Casa Pia.

The session “Awareness of the electricity and natural gas sector”, which took place online and was attended by 30 Casa Pia staff, aimed to provide a brief explanation of how the energy sector works in Portugal, but above all to give practical advice on how to save on energy bills.

Speakers Eugénia Alves, Maria João Pinheiro and Pedro Costa, from ERSE’s Energy Consumers Directorate, focused their presentation on practical issues such as how to reduce electricity or natural gas bills, through various means available to energy consumers, such as actively looking for a new supplier using ERSE’s price simulator, opting for dual-time tariffs or reducing the contracted power in electricity.

The speakers also explained the existence of the social tariff - and who can benefit from it - as well as the regime that is equivalent to the regulated tariff, the institutions to which consumers can turn either in situations of over-indebtedness or in situations of dispute with the supplier.

ERSE and Casa Pia de Lisboa signed a Cooperation Protocol in March this year to promote information and training on energy issues among Casa Pia’s students and staff. Information and training in the field of energy is a key factor to increase the literacy of current and future consumers, especially the most vulnerable and the youngest, in a context of energy transition and new challenges facing the sector.

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