ERSE held a training initiative aimed at GNR military personnel


ERSE - Energy Services Regulatory Authority held on 14 September, under the Cooperation Protocol signed in May with the GNR - National Republican Guard, an online training session attended by 120 military personnel.

The training initiative was intended to increase the GNR personnel's knowledge of the energy sector in general and of ERSE's sanctioning activity, in order to allow GNR military personnel, during community proximity actions, to better identify possible infringements by energy market players among consumers, especially the most vulnerable.

In this sense, ERSE's formation addressed specific topics related to unfair commercial practices and distance and door-to-door sales, filing complaints, dispute resolution with the support of ERSE and the consumer conflict arbitration centers. A typification of illicit behavior and its framing was also presented, as well as the procedure to be taken in the different cases (crime or administrative offence) in terms of sending the processes to the competent entity in the case of administrative offences.

It is expected that the collaboration between ERSE and GNR will bring added value to citizens who are energy consumers, in terms of information and clarification about the markets and sectors regulated by ERSE.

For more information access the presentation.