ERSE discloses the measures under implementation of the 7th edition of PPEC available to consumers


ERSE has published on its website the list of the 48 measures approved in the 7th edition of the Plan to Promote Efficiency in Energy Consumption (Plano de Promoção da Eficiência no Consumo de Energia - PPEC) and already underway, so that consumers can better identify the measures and how they can benefit from them.

The 48 measures, which will be implemented by 31 promoters, represent a total investment in energy efficiency of EUR 23 million, of which EUR 15.1 million is financed by PPEC. These measures will generate consumer benefits of EUR 45.8 million over their lifetime.

This plan includes energy efficiency measures designed for different target groups, such as schools, industry and agriculture, commerce and services, residential customers, municipalities and social sector bodies, such as private social solidarity institutions.

Since 2007, ERSE has promoted six PPEC editions on a multi-annual basis. The benefits of PPEC, in terms of avoided costs to the sector and environmental benefits, far outweigh the costs. The benefit-cost ratio is 13, i.e. the benefits are 13 times greater than the costs for the total of the six PPEC editions. The cumulative savings of 12.5 TWh are equivalent to the annual consumption of 5 million households. The carbon dioxide emissions avoided are equivalent to about 30% of the annual emissions from electricity and heat production.

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