ERSE assigned pilot project classification to "Renewable Energy Community - Agra do Amial, Porto"


ERSE - Energy Services Regulatory Authority assigned for the first time, in the context of self-consumption projects and renewable energy communities, the classification of pilot project to the "Renewable Energy Community - Agra do Amial", in Porto.

This pilot project, which covers a housing district, Agra do Amial, and a school, EB1/JI of Agra, is directed to social housing and combating energy poverty and aims to test the technical and economic viability of innovative practices and technologies, including self-consumption of renewable energy, integration of storage solutions, energy efficiency and charging of electric vehicles.

ERSE considers the project innovative and very relevant in the context of energy transition, with learning and replication potential in future self-consumption projects and renewable energy communities (RECs), which is why it classified as a pilot project the implementation of the "Renewable Energy Community - Agra do Amial, Porto".

The request for approval of the project was submitted by the Energy Agency of Porto, framed within the project "Asprela + Sustainable". The pilot project combines renewable energy actions (self-consumption), energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, circular economy and citizen involvement, based on technological innovation and business models.