ERSE approves the compensation model for non-interconnected gas distribution networks


Following Public Consultation no. 116, the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) has approved a change to the compensation model for non-interconnected gas distribution networks supplied with Autonomous Gas Units (UAG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks.

The approved model for compensation non-interconnected distribution networks is based on the creation of the Virtual UAG concept, for the purposes of market agents' commercial gas balances. This solution aggregates the quantities of gas dispersed among the 56 network UAG into a single Virtual UAG, simplifying gas supply management. The model also facilitates the purchase and sale of gas between market agents, promoting competition.

The approved changes are regulated in the Procedures’ Manual for Global Technical Management of the Nation Gas System and in the Procedures’ Manual for the logistics of distribution networks supplied via Satellite LNG stations, with a nine-month deadline for their implementation as they have a significant impact on the information systems of the operators and agents involved.

By simplifying the process of supplying gas on the non-interconnected distribution networks, an increase in the number of suppliers and competition is expected. It will also be possible to supply renewable and low-carbon gases on these networks, as provided for in Decree-Law 62/2020 of 28 August, on an equal footing with other gas networks.

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