ERSE approves general conditions of the contract for the use of the networks for self-consumption


The Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) approved today the terms and conditions of the contract for the use of the networks, including the rights and obligations of self-consumers towards the network operator, when using the public network for self-consumption [Regulation no. 373/2021, of 5 May].

 The terms and conditions include, for instance, mandatory notifications from the DSO to self-consumers, Collective Self-consumption Managing Entities (EGAG) or aggregators of excess generation or the procedures to take in the presence of a contractual breach.

The holder of the contract for use of the network must be the self-consumer himself, for individual self-consumption, or the Collective Self-consumption Managing Entity (EGAG), representing the participants in collective self-consumption. Renewable Energy Communities (CER) and Citizen Energy Communities (CCE) compare to EGAC for this matter.

When self-consumption only uses the internal network of the consumer’s site or the building, the contract for the use of the network does not apply.

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