ERSE and GNR hold an awareness-raising campaign in schools to promote energy saving


ERSE - Energy Services Regulatory Authority participated, under the Cooperation Protocol signed in May this year with GNR - National Republican Guard, in one of the actions of the "Safe School" program with 6th grade students from the Sarrazola EB 2/3 school, Colares, Sintra.

The initiative, developed by the Territorial Detachment of Sintra and accompanied by the Directorate of Energy Consumers of ERSE, aimed at distributing school schedules produced by ERSE, in collaboration with the GNR, in order to raise awareness among students of energy saving and personal safety.

During the actions, which were well attended, it was possible to make students aware of the importance of saving energy, highlighting useful advice and tips to be adopted by families on a daily basis.

The Cooperation Protocol, signed by ERSE and GNR, is aimed at developing joint actions and initiatives to combat energy illiteracy and to identify abusive or unfair practices by energy market players among consumers, especially the most vulnerable ones.

Among the actions and initiatives that the two entities proposed to develop are the dissemination of materials on energy issues dedicated to the school population, in proximity actions developed by GNR as is the "Safe School" program. It was in this context that 300,000 school timetables were distributed to primary school students nationwide.