10 December 2019
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  • Transmission tariffs transparency 

    The Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/460 establishes a network code on harmonised transmission tariff structures for natural gas, including rules on the application of a reference price methodology, the associated consultation and publication requirements as well as the calculation of reserve prices for standard capacity products.

    This webpage contains the information required under article 29 and article 30 of the network code.

    Article 29 - Information to be published before the annual yearly capacity auction in 2019-2020

    Article  Link
    Art. 29 (a)
    Information for standard capacity products for firm capacity (reserve prices, multipliers, seasonal factors, etc.)
     Firm capacity products →
    Art. 29 (b)
    Information for standard capacity products for interruptible capacity (reserve prices and an assessment of the propability of interruption)
    Interruptible capacity products →


    Article 30 - Information to be published before the tariff period 2019-2020 (October 2019 - September 2020)
    Article  Link

    Art. 30 (1)(a)

    Information on parameters used in the applied reference price methodology related to the technical characteristics of the transmission system.
     Technical parameters →

    Art. 30 (1)(b)(i,ii)

    Information on the allowed revenue, including the changes compared to the previous period.
     Allowed revenues and changes →

    Art. 30 (1)(b)(iii)

    Information related the following Parameters: types of assets, cost of capital, capital and operational expenditures, incentive mechanisms and efficiency targets, inflation indices.
     Revenue parameters →

    Art. 30 (1)(b)(iv,v)

    Information on the transmission services revenue including capacity-commodity split, entry-exit split and intra-system/cross-system split.
     Transmission service revenue →

    Art. 30 (1)(b)(vi,vii)

    Information related to the previous tariff period regarding the reconciliation of the regulatory account and the auction premium.
     Reconciliation mechanism and auction premium →

    Art. 30 (1)(c)

    Information on transmission and non-transmission tariffs accompanied by the relevant information related to their derivation.
     Transmission and non-transmission tariffs →

    Art. 30 (2)(a)

    Information on transmission tariff changes and trends.
     Tariff changes and trends →

    Art. 30 (2)(b)

    Information about the used tariff model and an explanation how to calculate the transmission tariffs applicable for the prevailing tariff period

     Explanation →

     Simplified tariff model →


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