18 November 2019
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    The regulatory activity developed by the Energy Regulatory Authority (ERSE) arises from the Law and is configured as an essential tool pertaining to the carrying out of attributions, namely those to: (i) protect the rights and interests of consumers in relation to prices, services and the quality of service; (ii) ensure the objectivity of the regulatory rules and transparency of commercial relations among operators and between operators and consumers; (iii) ensure the existence of conditions which allow, for the regulated activities, the obtaining of an economic and financial balance, in terms of a suitable and efficient management; and simultaneously (iv) contribute to the progressive improvement of the technical and environmental conditions of the regulated activities, namely stimulating the adoption of practices which promote energy efficiency and the existence of suitable service quality standards and the protection of the environment.

    The approval and application of the Commercial Relations Code, the Tariff Code, the Access to Networks, Infrastructures and Interconnections Code, the Operation of Infrastructures and of Quality of Service Code are the responsibility of ERSE with an opinion having been given by the General Directorate for Energy and Geology (DGEG) and having heard the concessionaires and licensees of their networks that make up the Natural Gas Public Network, in accordance with applicable law.

    The Underground Storage Code, the Reception Terminal Code, Storage and Regasification of LNG and the Transmission Network Code are approved by order of the minister responsible for energy, under a proposal from the DGEG, which during its preparation, must request an opinion from ERSE and proposals from the respective concessionary entities.

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Extinction of Regulated Tariffs

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