18 November 2019
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  • Framework and Codes 

    The evaluation carried out by the European Commission on the application of the directives related to the electricity and natural gas markets has shown that the objective for the development of competitive markets is far from being reached, leading to the conclusion that new legislative initiatives, which are currently in the approval phase, needed to be promoted.
    The promotion of the transparency of the operations of the markets and the creation of conditions for the regulating bodies to supervise their operations are central aspects for the new legislation and for the performance of the supervisory bodies themselves.
    ERSE has identified the supervision of the markets as being the primary objective for regulation, including it in its multi-year guidance strategies for the present and the future.
    The pursuit of the supervisory activities of the markets in the scope of the MIBEL, carried out by ERSE, implied the organisation of an internal unit with special focus on this matter, which centres a significant part of its attention on the development of the organised markets and on the evolution of primary energy markets.
    In the scope of the supervision of the energy market, the compliance with the legal framework and the general regulation of the sectors is of great importance and there are specific legal and regulatory documents, namely with respect to compliance with transparency and information obligations.
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Extinction of Regulated Tariffs

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