18 November 2019
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  • Market Supervision 

    Markets supervision is an important aspect in the development of the energy markets. In a context of deepening the internal market for energy at European level, the affirmation of a context of liberalisation of the production and trading activities requires closer attention to the practices in the market regime.

    On the other hand, the affirmation of a culture of competition or, in highly concentrated markets such as the energy markets, of performance conditions which allow for the replication of the benefits of competition for the market and consumers, the need arises for closer, effective monitoring adapted to the current and future context of the energy markets.

    ERSE fits the supervision of the markets into its strategic performance options, namely pertaining to the promotion of competition in the sector and the defence of consumer interests.

    The provision of information and its dissemination in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner is an essential element for the affirmation of efficient and competitive markets. What ERSE seeks to do through its overall actions and, in a more focused context, through the supervision of the markets, is to ensure that such conditions are real and effective.

    It is also important to show how energy prices are made up taking into account the evolution of conditions in the wider context, namely through information on prices of primary energy (oil, coal, etc.) along with other components of the price (such as the cost of carbon dioxide emissions), so that the consumer knows the make-up of energy prices and can, therefore, make informed and conscious choices.

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