18 November 2019
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  • Trans-European Energy Networks 

    Regulation (EU) n. º 347/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 17 April 2013, establishes orientations for the early development and interoperability of priority corridors and trans-European energy infrastructur, namely:

    • Addresses the identification of projects of common interest necessary to implement priority corridors and areas falling under the energy infrastructure categories in electricity, gas, oil, and carbon dioxide;
    • Facilitates the timely implementation of projects of common interest by streamlining, coordinating more closely, and accelerating permit granting processes and by enhancing public participation;
    • Provides rules and guidance for the cross-border allocation of costs and risk-related incentives for projects of common interest; and 
    • Determines the conditions for eligibility of projects of common interest for Union financial assistance.

    As laid out in paragraph 5 of Article 13 of said Regulation, by 31 December 2013 ACER must facilitate the sharing of good practices and issue recomendations concerning regulatory incentives for PCIs as well as a common methodology in order to evaluate higher investment risks that may occur in electricity and gas infrastructures projects.

    The same Regulation, in Article 13, paragraph 6, states that each National Regulatory Authority (NRA) must publish its methodology and the criteria used to evaluate investments and the aforementioned risks.

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