18 November 2019
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  • Values 

    ERSE is steered by the core value of independence in the exercise of its role while following the energy policy guidelines established by the Government, in accordance with the law. As part of its responsibilities, ERSE’s regulation of the electricity and natural gas markets is also guided by values such as transparency, competence, sustainability, co-operation and cohesion.

    ERSE’s independence means that its decisions may only be appealed in the courts. It is autonomously managed and has guaranteed administrative, financial and technical independence.

    ERSE encourages the involvement of all stakeholders in the regulation processes and promotes their active participation through broadened public consultation and public hearings announced in advance. It also counts on the contributions from the Advisory Board and the Tariff Board. All measures taken and decisions made by ERSE are publicly justified and disclosed. This policy reflects observation of the principles of transparency and participation and is an affirmation of the body’s distinctively public role.

    ERSE’s competence is based on the ongoing inter-disciplinary training given to its staff, the establishment of contacts with national and international universities and research centres, the encouragement of reflection and debate involving a variety of personalities of recognised merit in the economy and in society, in addition to active participation in work groups in the context of the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) and the European Regulators' Group for Electricity and Gas (ERGEG).

    Due to this transparency policy, combined with the participation and scrutiny of all interests in the regulated sectors, ERSE justifies and publicly defends all its decisions. The sustainability of its intervention is founded on this dialogue that takes all interests into consideration.

    ERSE’s work has been steered towards co-operation and collaboration with regulated companies and consumer representatives in constant efforts to encourage best practices in relations between the different players in the electricity and natural gas sectors and between these and consumers. Co-operation is also considered by ERSE to be of prime interest in its relations with other entities, in particular the public administration, national and foreign regulatory agencies as well as international institutions, especially those of the European Union.

    Cohesion is the ultimate goal for ERSE in its regulatory activity in the electricity and natural gas sectors. It is imperative to balance the different interests existing in those sectors at all levels: economic, financial, social intervention and environmental awareness. This is the context in which ERSE monitors the economic activities that fall under its remit, seeking to contribute to the development of the strategies and activities of the regulated companies through an approach based on greater proximity and characterised by regulatory stability and predictability.

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