18 November 2019
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  • Board of Directors 

    The Board of Directors is the corporate body responsible for defining and monitoring ERSE’s regulatory activity. It is composed of one chairman and two members, appointed by Resolution of the Council of Ministers for a five-year term of office.

    • Chairman - Maria Cristina Portugal de Andrade
    • Member - Mariana Janelas Pereira Oliveira
    • Member - Pedro Geraldes Martins Verdelho

      It is responsible for:

    • Defining ERSE’s general strategy and monitoring execution thereof; 
    • Approving the external and internal regulations required to perform its role; 
    • Drawing up opinions and making the resolutions provided for in Decree Law no. 97/2002 of 12 April, with the wording as amended by Decree Law 212/2012 of 25 September and Decree-Law no. 84/2013, of 25 June.
    • Performing all other acts necessary for pursuing the body’s objectives, pursuant to applicable law and the Statutes;  
    • Drawing up activity plans and budgets as well as reports and accounts; 
    • Defining the organizational structure of the departments and respective personnel teams and recruiting staff;   
    • Managing ERSE’s assets, obtaining revenue and authorizing expenditure; 
    • Acquiring the goods and contracting the services needed for ERSE to perform its role.
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Extinction of Regulated Tariffs

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