18 November 2019
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  • Quality of Service 

    The promotion of the appropriate levels of quality of service is an essential condition for the well-being and satisfaction of the population needs and for the development of an economic activity, which can be globally competitive.

    Technical quality of service

    The technical quality of service is associated with the analysis of the continuity of service through the number and duration of supply interruptions and the quality of the voltage wave, through the evolution of its frequency values, amplitude, harmonic distortion, voltage unbalance, flicker severity, voltage dips and voltage swells.

    Commercial quality of service

    The commercial quality of service rendered to clients by companies, either network operators or suppliers, covers a series of subjects such as speed of customer service, response to various requests, reading of meters or the evaluation of customer satisfaction.

    Quality of service Code

    The quality of service in the electricity sector in Portugal is regulated by the Quality of Service Code (Portuguese version). ERSE is the entity responsible for its approval and publication.

    Quality of service report

    In order to characterize and assess the performance of the operators, ERSE publishes, on a yearly basis, two Quality of Service Reports (Portuguese version): one related to technical quality and other one related to commercial quality of service.

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