18 June 2018
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  • Quality of Service 

    The promotion of the appropriate levels of quality of service is an essential condition for the well-being and satisfaction of the needs of the population and for the development of an economic activity which can be globally competitive.

    To evaluate the quality of service, two main types of indicators or measures are used: overall and standard, defined in the regulations for quality of service. The overall indicators allow the performance of the company for a set of its clients, and with regard to a given subject, to be assessed. Normally minimum quality levels (standards) are defined for each overall indicator. The standard indicators guarantee a minimum level (standard) of quality of service to each client for the areas to which they apply.

    If the company does not comply with this minimum indicator, will have to pay a compensation to the client. In some areas, if the client does not comply, he will have to pay a compensation to the company. The quality of service is usually divided into the technical and the commercial components of the quality of service.

    Technical quality of service

    The technical quality of service is associated with the analysis of the continuity of service through the number and duration of supply interruptions and the quality of the voltage wave, through the evolution of its frequency values, amplitude, harmonic distortion, imbalance and others.

    Commercial quality of service

    The commercial service quality rendered to clients by companies, either network operators or suppliers, covers a series of subjects such as speed of customer service, response to various requests, reading of meters or the evaluation of customer satisfaction.

    Quality of service Code

    The quality of service in the electricity sector in Mainland Portugal is regulated by the Quality of Service Code for Mainland Portugal, the Autonomous Region of the Azores and the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

    The Tariff Code, whose approval and publication is the responsibility of ERSE, defines an incentive mechanism for improving the technical quality of service on the part of the contracted High Voltage and Medium Voltage distribution operator.

    Quality of service report

    The Quality of Service Report for the electricity sector published by ERSE is aimed to describe, in a summarised manner, the quality of service provided by network operators and last resort suppliers according to what is stipulated in the Quality of service code (RQS) applicable to this sector.

    The report analyses the compliance with RQS by the agents to which they apply and is prepared on the basis of the information supplied to ERSE by the companies.

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