10 December 2019
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  • Network Connections 

    The electricity transmission and distribution networks are operated by entities which are licensed specifically for this purpose and which must comply with legally defined technical and safety criteria.  In parallel, these networks must be prepared to respond to requests for new connections and for reinforcements (increase in the power required) of existing connections.
    It is through the establishment of a network connection that any electrical installation, producer or consumer is integrated into the operation of the electricity transmission and distribution networks.  This situation occurs with very diverse electrical installations, from homes to shops, industrial parks or energy production plants, each having an associated cost depending on the particular situation.

    Commercial conditions for the establishment of network connections to are treated in the Commercial Relations Code. The regulations provided are complemented with the publication of the implementation values and conditions.

    This matter - the establishment of network connections - is of prime importance to the majority of electricity consumers because it is a precondition for access to the service of electricity supply.

    Without a network connection, the consumer does not have access to the service itself.  In parallel, taking as an example the complaints that are sent to ERSE, the establishment of network connections has been one of the main issues to raise conflicts between the network operator and consumers. In addition, the experience of the application of regulatory provisions has revealed a difficult global understanding of the provisions on the matter, which needs rectifying. 

    The final set of rules on network connections seeks to ensure a greater simplicity of implementation and understanding, thus contributing to an expected reduction of conflicts detected.
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