10 December 2019
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  • Electricity 

    The supply of electricity to the consumers, both qualitatively and quantitatively is a fundamental objective of the activities developed by the National Electricity System (SEN) under the principles of efficient utilization of resources in all activities of the electricity sector.

    The electricity supply is subject to public service obligations which are the responsibility of all who participate in the electric sector and includes: (i) safety, regularity and quality of the supply; (ii) guarantee that the service provided is universal; (iii) guarantee the connection of all clients to the networks; (iv) protection of consumers namely in terms of tariffs and prices; (v) promotion of the energy efficiency, protection of the environment and the feasibility of the use of renewable and endogenous resources; (vi) the convergence of SEN, in terms of solidarity and cooperation with the electrical systems of the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira.

    To the operators, in the various activities of the electricity sector are assured: (i) freedom of access to the exercising of the activities; (ii) no discrimination; (iii) equal treatment and opportunities; (iv) impartiality of decisions; (v) transparency and objectivity in rules and decisions; (vi) access to information and safeguarding of the confidentiality of commercial information considered to be sensitive, and (vii) freedom to choose their electricity supplier.

    In this framework, the regulation of the National Electricity System is aimed at contributing to ensuring the efficiency and feasibility of the activities in transparent, competitive, non-discriminatory terms, through a continuous exercise of supervision and monitoring, integrated in the objectives for the realisation of the internal electricity market.

    The following activities of the electric sector are subject to regulation: (i) Transmission; (ii) Distribution; (iii) Last Resort Supplier; (iv) Logistic Operations for Switching Supplier and (v) Management of Organised Markets.

    In pages below is available resumed information about ERSE's intervention in the electric sector in the following areas:
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