18 November 2019
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  • Liberalisation 

    The process of liberalisation of the electricity sectors of most European countries was carried out in a phased manner, and started by including clients with higher consumptions and higher voltage levels.

    In Portugal, an identical methodology was followed, and the market was progressively opened between 1995 and 2006. Since the 4th of September 2006, all consumers in mainland Portugal have been able to choose their electricity supplier.

    This date anticipates the compliance with Directive no. 2003/54/EC, which established the 1st of July 2007 for all electricity purchasers to be able to freely choose their supplier.

    Associated with the liberalisation and the construction of the internal market in electricity is an expected increase in competition, reflected in the level of prices and the improvement in the quality of the service, which should lead to greater satisfaction on the part of electricity consumers.
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Extinction of Regulated Tariffs

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