10 December 2019
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  • ERSE 

    The Energy Services Regulatory Authority is responsible for regulating the electricity and natural gas sectors.

    ERSE is a public corporate body with administrative and financial independence and possesses its own assets. It is governed by its Statutes, which have been approved by Decree Law no. 97/2002 of 12 April, as emended by Decree Law no. 212/2012, of 25 September and Decree Law no. 84/2013, of 25 June. 
    ERSE performs its duties independently, within the framework of the law, but without prejudice to the guiding principles of the energy policy established by the Government, in accordance with the constitution and the law, and to those acts subject to ministerial supervision under the applicable legislation and the ERSE Statutes.

    The aims of ERSE’s activities are: to protect the interests of consumers, in particular the vulnerable customers, with regard to prices, service quality, access to information; to ensure the existence of conditions of economic and financial balance by the activities of the regulated sectors exercised in the public interest, when managed properly and efficiently; promoting as regulator and accordance with applicable law, competition in the energy markets;  to encourage efficient energy use and protection of the environment; and also to arbitrate and resolve disputes, encouraging the settlement of disputes outside of the courts.

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